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How to Get Your Festival Ticket

We are happy and excited that you want to join us on this beautiful journey!


Entry to Israel in Covid times: Currently Israel is open for all tourists both vaccinated and unvaccinated - there is a requirement for health insurance that covers covid treatment.Find the full and most updated info Here.

How to get your ticket:

1. To join the festival, you must fill out the registration form. It exists for you to seed your intentions for this journey. And we will use it also to keep a relative balance (Beginners vs. experienced participants, genders, etc.)

2. Upon completing the form, you will arrive at a "Thank you" page with links for buying your ticket.
If you didn't receive the ticket link after completing the form - please write us


3. If you filled in false information or if we believe you are not a good fit for this festival - we reserve the right to cancel your ticket and refund you minus 5% admin fee.

❃  The festival is open to everyone (over 18), beginners and experienced alike - you do not need to be an ISTA graduate to participate.

Want to be a Helper at the festival? Click here.

Ticket prices:

Early Devil - ₪ 777 - First price round (200 tickets) - sold out

⭐ Early Angels - ₪ 888 - Second price round (250 tickets only)

⭐ Early Seekers - ₪ 999 - Third price round (250 tickets only)

⭐ Full Dragon - ₪ 1,111 - Ticket price at the entrance to the event

There is no difference between the tickets. These are simply different sale rounds. The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it will be.

Your ticket includes:

  Participation in most of the festival's workshops and content.

  Accommodation in the camping area of the festival (bring your own tent)
 Upgrade and choose from a variety of accommodation options for an additional fee.


⭐ Shared hot showers and toilets.

⭐ Participating in a Pod, a small group, guided by an experienced participant. The Pod would meet 3 times during the festival for heart sharing, and once after the festival by zoom for integration.

Extra services:


We are happy to help with your arrival and return from the festival.

You are welcome to book a shuttle that will take you directly to the venue.
This is a large, comfortable, and air-conditioned tourist bus.


⭐ Vegetarian / vegan food can be purchased at the festival's delicious food area.

⭐ You can upgrade your accommodation and sleep in the venue rooms / or rent a mattress in a shared bedouin tent (with additional cost).


❃ The festival reserves the right to change any of the above information as needed.

Cancellation policy:


❃ A transaction can be canceled within fourteen days from the moment it is made, provided that the cancellation is made no less than seven days before the festival. During the period in which it is possible to cancel, the canceler will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction value. In the period after fourteen days from the date of the transaction or in the seven days before the festival, tickets can not be canceled at all. Thanks you.

❃  In case the festival is canceled / postponed due to the corona procedures -  your ticket will be reserved for your future use at ISTA Festivals in Israel. There will be no refunds on tickets.

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