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Accommodation options in Kfar Hanokdim


* All accommodation types are fully booked! *

(Only camping is left - included in the ticket)


The festival ticket gives you the right to set up a tent (which you bring) in the designated camping areas and use the shared toilets and showers of the venue.

For such a powerful journey, taking care of your comfort is important. We invite you to take care of yourself and upgrade to one of the comfortable accommodation options that the Kfar Hanokdim has to offer.

Check-In - You can enter your room from the 8th of June at 2 pm when the festival starts.

Check-out - You should check out by 3 pm on the 11th of June, and the festival closes at 6 pm.

If you wish to stay another night - with additional payment - you can write to the venue for more information -


For questions and inquiries write to us at

Sukkah (Lodge)

Fully booked

There are sleeping photons, 1 double photon, and 6 single photons in the sukkah. The sukkah is covered with goat wool fabrics and has a thin wooden floor. The sukkah is air-conditioned. Near the sukkah are toilets and showers and common hang spaces. 
- The space has a single electrical outlet. It is recommended to have an electric divergent.
Bring your own toiletries.

Price per sukkah: 4,250 NIS for the entire stay.  Maximum occupancy: 8 people 

סוכת אירוח

Bring your own Campervan
Fully booked

Guests wishing to arrive with their private trailer will enjoy a package that includes space for placing the trailer.
An option to connect to electricity (via extension cable), connect to water, empty the sewage tank of the trailer, and share toilets and showers with hot water.

 Price: 950 NIS per campervan for the entire stay 

Desert Room
Fully booked

The desert rooms are exquisite and have several designs in the desert spirit. Some are covered with goat hair on their walls, some with desert-style plaster, and some with oriental decorations.
They are slightly more spacious, air-conditioned, and located in a separate area from the travelers' rooms with comfortable, and well-designed seating areas.
Rooms have a double bed + 3 single/bunk beds.

Price per room: 4800 NIS for the entire stay. Maximum occupancy: 5 people 

חדר מדברי

A personal Mattress in a Tribal Bedouin Tent

Fully booked

Accommodation in a spacious Bedouin tent, woven from black goat wool. The floor of the tent is covered with colorful mats and soft mattresses. There are toilets and showers, and common hang spaces near the tent.
You Should bring Sleeping bags, pillows, towels and toiletries.

 Price for a mattress: 150 NIS for the entire stay

השכרת מזרון
חדר מטיילים

Travelers Room

Fully booked

Charming, comfortable, air-conditioned and decorated rooms with unique salt lamps and furniture made of natural materials. They are mostly one sleeping space, with decorations and ornaments hand-painted by local artists. Between the rooms are hang areas and hammocks. The room is air-conditioned and has a toilet and shower, bed linen, and towels. 
Rooms have a double bed + 2 or 3 single/bunk beds.

Price per room: 4200 NIS for a room of 5, or 3,700 NIS for a room of 4. For the entire stay

חדר בן סופיריור

Superior Stone Room

Fully booked

Located in the two new complexes in the village facing the landscape. The complexes are state-of-the-art stonework - arches and various decorations combined with a flowering garden. Between the rooms are a shaded pergola, hammocks for the guests, and colorful furniture that invites you to relax outside the rooms. The unit is air-condotioned, and has two rooms: a double room with a double bed and luxurious bedding, a "living room" with 3 single beds, and a designed shower. The unit has a polished wooden floor.

Price per room: 5400 NIS for the entire stay. Maximum occupancy: 5 people 

Terms of cancellation:

❃ A transaction can be canceled within fourteen days from the moment it is made, provided that the cancellation is made no less than seven days before the festival. During the period in which it is possible to cancel, the canceler will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction value. In the period after fourteen days from the date of the transaction and in the seven days before the festival, transactions can not be canceled at all. Thanks :)

❃ If the festival is canceled / postponed due to the corona procedures - the room will be reserved for your future use at Ista festivals in Israel.

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