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“Those who wish to make their se-xuality into an art form have to first heal the excessive amounts of guilt and shame around their na-ked body, their ge-nitalia, and their se-xual arousa|. Have you ever seen a painter being ashamed of his paintbrush? A musician that is ashamed of her instrument? or poets that are ashamed of their words?”
Pele Ohad Ezrahi [An ISTA lead faculty]

The festival is postponed due to COVID 19

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?What is ISTA 

ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts, an international mystery school that

.is reviving the temple arts and offering spiritual transmission through se-xual shamanism

All around the world, ISTA offers 1-week seminars, conferences, and festivals connecting
.consciousness and se-xuality and creating a global network of communities


?What are Temple Arts


What are the ways in which we can help human souls remember their source? Remember why they came here, to this earth, and how can they best be of service? What are the ways to help people heal from blockages in their system that can make them ill and suffer in body and spirit.


These are the type of questions Shamans, priestesses, and priests have asked themselves in various temples around the ancient world. The Temple Arts were all the different answers: Sacred Dance, Ritual Theater, Utilizations of Plant Medicines, Meditation, Oracle/Prophecies, Divine Music and Poetry, Magic, Sacred Geometry, and of course - the ecstasy of Eros and Sacred Se-xuality.

ISTA is the school of Temple Arts. In the creation of the Temple Arts ISTA Festival, we aim to bring back the fuller and more holistic picture, where Eros is welcomed into all other forms of Temple Arts. They are all here to connect us, with celebration

and depth, to the divine source."


About the Festival

We are thrilled to invite you to the 8th international ISTA Festival being held annually in Israel.
The theme for this year's Festival is the Temple Arts - the connection between Eros, community, and Creativity.

Join us for 4 days celebration!
A long weekend of workshops, lectures, parties, live music shows, temples, and meaningful community experiences.
Celebrate, explore, learn, grow, laugh, and cry. Come to remember…

The festival is open for anyone and everyone interested in conscious se-xuality, beginners and veterans alike. All of this awesomeness will take place in “Metzokei Dragot” on the cliffs of the Judean desert, with an astounding view towards the dead sea.

Workshop spaces:

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The Line - Up

We are working on creating a new, exciting and powerful program.

In the meantime, take a peek at the previous program for inspiration:









Our Presenters:


General Info

The admission ticket entitles you to pitch a tent in the camping area and use the showers and toilets. Rooms and huts are available for rent.
Parking is available at the venue
How to get to the venue:
* Waze- Dragot Cliffs
* Google maps- Dragot cliffs
* For public transportation click here. After you get off the bus you will have to get a ride up the mountain. There will be many participants driving up.
* Rideshare - will be posted in the FB event.
The use of phones and cameras is strictly forbidden in all public areas! It is allowed in private areas and outside the festival. Please support everyone to express themselves freely.
There will be a few professional photographers on behalf of the festival. If you do not wish to appear in any of the photos / videos of the festival - Go to the info center during the festival and they will take care of it. 
Pets are not allowed at the Festival. Find the animal within yourself
The kitchen will serve three vegetarian meals a day and some optional snacks in between. There will be plenty of options for vegans.
Simple tea and coffee without milk will be served free of charge.